Garden Bird

Intermediate - Advanced (1 or 2 day)



Using a Wren as our project, learn needleturn applique skills that include a truly invisible applique stitch, sharp points with no lumps, how to eliminate stitch build-up on inner "v's", and small circles.

Sandra's unique embroidery enhancement techniques will be demonstrated to show how even simple stitches can transform the ordinary into extraordinary. Learn how thread weight, scale and color play an important role in the final visual result of an applique design.

Student must be comfortable with handwork.

Kit fee: $30.00

(A one day class will be a more concentrated demonstration class with less stitching time.)



Layered Applique Technique: Lapis & Lemons

Intermediate to Advanced (3-5 day workshop)

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Learn how to work with small pieces and intricate applique layering. Understanding how color, highlight and shadow to bring botanicals to life with fabric. Observe how simple, but essential, embroidery enhancements can transform your project. Sandra shares her bag of applique tricks to make intricate designs do-able.

Student must have some experience with hand applique. Not a class for beginners

Kit fee: $30.00

(A two day class will be a concentrated demonstration class with lesser amount of stitching time.)



Dynamic Applique (project can vary)

Confident Beginner to Advanced (1 day or multi-day)



Learn new and improved techniques to make needleturn applique work for you, not against you. Focus in on the details and learn how to paint with thread using hand embroidery techniques to create a more sophisticated and artistic overall design. A color pencil demonstration will also be given to show how another to add a subtle accent of color where needed.

Student must have some experience with hand applique.

Kit fee: $25.00-$30.00 project dependent



Beyond the Basics Applique: Naturalist's Notebook

Intermediate to Advanced (2-5 days)



Choose from one of the Naturalist's Notebook patterns for a multi-day workshop. Working with one of the patterns, the student will learn Sandra's tips and techniques for more advanced needleturn applique and how to bring flora and fauna to life with hand embroidery techniques.

Current Project Choices: (linked to patterns)

-The Wren
-The Goldfinch
-The Purple Finch
-The Tufted Titmouse
-The Nuthatch
-Val's Rhododendron
-Jason's Grasshopper

Student must be comfortable with hand applique. Not a workshop for beginners.

Kit fee: $30.00